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Our Experts

Using Australian Wine Show standards, they taste and judge the wines we offer to ensure they match up to the high standard of quality expected by our customers. Our wine experts are there to give you the confidence that you’re getting only the best from your David Jones Wine Club.

Gavin Lennard Head of Fine Wines Langton’s

With a degree in electrical engineering and an early career in the corporate world, Gavin eventually allowed his fierce passion for wine to overtake his professional life. He’s since founded Kulkunbulla Wines, managed the sales of Gartelmann Wines, worked as a restaurant Sommelier, established a wine education business and still found time to pass the Master of Wine tasting exams.

Back in the mid nineties, Gavin was already Rothbury Estate's Taster of the Year, twice running. Two decades later though, his skill in tasting and assessing wine puts even that achievement in the shade! Today he leverages his remarkable depth and diversity of knowledge as Head of Fine Wine at Langton's.

Nick Badrice Trophy Winning Winemaker

Nick Badrice commenced his career as a Cellar Hand at the tender age of seventeen – receiving a valuable head start in the competitive wine industry. Moving on to the Barossa Valley's Dorrien Estate in the same role a year later, he shifted up the ranks to become the acclaimed winery's Winemaker. Now he is Winemaker for the premium Krondorf label.

Nick's winemaking experience isn't limited to South Australia. He spent time in a tiny village in Spain working on three vintages to gain knowledge in Spanish grape varieties and winemaking techniques.

Nick has won a Trophy at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show and his ultimate goal is to make a wine that's a serious contender for the prestigious Jimmy Watson Trophy.