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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me what my password is?

Go to Forgot your password page. We will send an you an email with your password. Keep in mind as of 30th July your password would have been reset for security reasons. Please call 1300 652 675.

How do I change my password?

If you know your current password, you can Change your password here.

Are there any freight charges?

The David Jones Wine Club charges a nominal amount to cover the cost of delivery. Flat rate $9.95 + 1% delivery guarantee. For more information, click on Delivery.

Do I need to log in before I start adding goods to my shopping bag?

You’ll need to log in at some point, but we’ll prompt you at the right time. Please note that David Jones Online and the David Jones Wine Club are separate entities, so you cannot put items from both areas in the one shopping bag. You need to complete your shopping at David Jones Wine Club and log out, before you can begin shopping at the David Jones Online.

How do I change My Personal Information details?

Sign in to your account to Edit your details .

Will my credit card details be safe?

Yes, because we use a secure server. All information that passes from the internet to the order processing system is transferred via our dedicated network, which is completely isolated from the internet. This means that information is kept entirely secure, from the moment it leaves your browser to the moment it enters our processing system. Any personal information you give us when you join online is encrypted before it’s sent to our network.

As a final precaution, we never store, send or display our members’ full credit card details over the internet. Once you’ve given us your credit card details, you don’t need to keep keying them in, for added security.

When can I expect my order?

Although delivery is normally faster, allow 3-10 days, or up to 16 days to outlying areas If you live very remote, we have to pass your order on to an agent, and this can take a bit longer to be delivered.

How do I change my delivery details once I’ve put through my order?

If you want to change any of your order details, send us an email at or call 1300 652 675.

How do I know if my order went through?

You will see an on-screen confirmation. We’ll also send you a dispatched order confirmation. This is usually the next business day on most orders.

Does the David Jones Wine Club have a catalogue listing of wines?

Yes we do. For more information, our search function will show you all our available products, in a manageable listing. For further information, call a Wine Consultant on 1300 652 675.

Can I ship goods outside Australia?

Unfortunately, no. Shipping wine from Australia to most countries is both restricted and prohibitively expensive. The freight charge alone on a case of wine costs between A$180 and A$300.

Can I mix my own cases?

No. All of our cases are chosen by wine experts, to give you the best possible range and quality for the price. Further, we keep the price down by minimising the amount of handling our warehouse staff do.